Dimension Equities has closed on over $100m in loans in 2019

Direct Hard Money
Bridge Loans


Direct Bridge / Hard Money Loans

Loan amounts from $500,000 to $15,000,000

Rates as low as 8.75%

New York City and 5 boroughs

Unsold CONDO inventory bridge

Fix and Flip

Land Acquisition

Bridge to Perm

Rescue Capital

Coronavirus Emergency

Closings as fast as 5 days

Bridge to Construction take out

Alternative Financing


NINJA loans


NINJA Loans approved!

Investment Property Loans

Second position bridge loans

Preferred equity positions

Ground up Hotel construction

Equity Raise

Multifamily Construction

Healthcare properties ground up



International Crowdfunding options


Commercial Mortgages and Advisory

It's 2020. Go with the industry leader in placing commercial mortgages.

Rely on our experience and proven track record to place your traditional financing needs.

Leverage our long term relationships with industry specific lenders and New York investment banks to underwrite your real estate portfolio



HUD Loan Placement

Healthcare Real Estate

Fast. Efficient. Advisory.



We start relationships.

Founded in 2008, Dimension Equities has evolved over the past decade to ensure our clients have the capital backing to successfully complete their real estate projects.
We pride ourselves in providing out of the box solutions for a wide range of real estate transactions. Call us today to start a relationship.

Our products include direct hard money / bridge loans, hybrid loans, joint ventures, capital raises for development, commercial mortgages, preferred equity placement, and advisory services.




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